Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach


Caring For Your Pet

Diamond Beach Veterinary Clinic provides extensive pet care and treatment including radiology, dentistry, pathology, medicine and surgery services. We also offer prescription diets, products for flea and tick control, intestinal worming for dogs and cats, shampoos, ear cleaners, other hygiene-related items and even treats.

We use products from reputable companies such as Royal Canin, Dermcare and Provet. If you are looking for a caring and professional veterinary service provider that offers comprehensive pet care, get in touch today to make an appointment.
Cat Pathology — Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach, NSW


Our team has a wealth of experience and are able to process blood tests and other samples to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

If your pet is unwell, the use of in – house laboratory equipment and access to external laboratories allows us to determine the diagnosis as quickly as possible. Thus ensuring the correct treatment for your pet.
Dog Being Bandaged — Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach, NSW


If your pet requires surgery, the team at Diamond Beach Veterinary Clinic has many years of experience with a wide variety of surgical procedures.

While our most common surgical procedure is desexing of dogs & cats we also perform orthopaedic procedures, soft tissue surgery plus many other surgeries your pet may require.

After the surgery, we will ensure to provide all the necessary nursing and instructions for a speedy recovery.
Cleaning Cat Teeth — Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach, NSW


Have you noticed bad breath (halitosis) from your pet? The cause is often tooth decay, but your pet might also have a gum infection, root exposure, or gingivitis.

At Diamond Beach Veterinary Clinic, we perform dentistry services that can help to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.
Dog X-ray — Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach, NSW


Performing X-rays using our modern digital x-ray system assists us to discover or confirm various pet diseases or illnesses. Our x-ray system enables us to get quick and detailed images of the internal structures of your pet within 40 seconds.

The use of digital images means we can manipulate & adjust the image to see more than what a standard x-ray would show you. This also allows us to email images to specialists if required, no need to carry around large envelopes with x-rays in them. The quicker the imaging & the diagnoses the more benefits for you and your pet.
Cat Takes Pill — Veterinary Services in Diamond Beach, NSW


Diamond Beach Veterinary Clinic will help to establish a diagnosis and determine which disease or condition has been bothering your pet. Once that is confirmed, we proceed to treat diseases with proven medications and other forms of treatment.

We’re also passionate about prevention and can make suggested recommendations that may assist your pet.